SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with Full Enclosure Net System

SkyBound has created this product to cater to the needs of worried users who wish to provide their family with a fun and safe play tool. Stratos is a premium trampoline that encourages everyone to follow an active and fun lifestyle without too much of a fuss. For those who don’t know much about this trampoline, it meets the ASTM U.S. Trampoline Safety guidelines. Also, it’s made to withstand outdoor harshness like a boss. As such, it’s sold in three different sizes—12, 14 and 15 feet. The suggested weight limit is 330 lbs, and it’s recommended for ages 6 and above. Product Features With moreRead More →

This round trampoline offers a premium and safe bounce like nothing else in the market. It’s preferred by gymnasts as well as individuals looking for safe family fun. It’s also ergonomically friendly for most backyards. As such, the maximum user weight allowed on this trampoline is 330 lbs. So, it’s not one of those cheap trampolines that will bend or break easily. Product Features This trampoline comes with a safety enclosure to take care of every other safety woes that a user may have. Moreover, it features a total of six W-shaped legs to offer solid support at the base. Better yet, there are aRead More →

For safe family fun and active lifestyle, the Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline is a terrific play tool worth considering. This trampoline combines fitness and fun like no other play tool out there. It offers a large surface area for multiple members of the family to have fun together. Better yet, it comes with heavy duty legs and frame for long-term use. Moreover, it features high-end, galvanized springs, which means that it’s less prone to collect rust. Product Features The Upper Bounce Trampoline comes with fully enclosed fiber flex safety enclosure along with latch clips and a dual zipper to keep the user safe. Also, theRead More →

If you want to be a pleased trampoline owner, then you cannot afford to cast a blind eye to the Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline. This relatively new trampoline has garnered a ton of eyeballs from trampoline shoppers across the globe. In a short period of time, it has suppressed all doubts and gained a good foothold in the trampoline market. It’s built quality is unmatched, and it offers plenty of room for multiple jumpers. As the title hints, it’s available in three different sizes—12, 14, and 15 feet. Product Features The trampoline has a very sturdy design to it, and it’s built to last. BetterRead More →

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure 15 Feet

For fun and exercise, the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline should be a great choice for jumpers, competitive athletes, gymnasts, or a regular family member. It offers more jumping space and higher bounce than the competition. As a result, it’s a perfect model for anyone keen on getting a trampoline for multiple users. For those who don’t know, it can accommodate a combined user weight of 250 lbs. Product Features Given the rectangle shape, it’s thoughtfully designed to take little space in your backyard making it an ideal play tool for smaller areas. Also, the rectangular design offers ‘even’ bounce anywhere on the jumping mat. Furthermore, theRead More →