What are Cool Tricks to do on a Trampoline?

What are Cool Tricks to do on a Trampoline?

All play tools have their own feel, and the trampoline is no exception over here. From endless fun to entertainment-filled childhood memories, a trampoline can be linked to a host of pleasantries worth cherishing. The best part is that people of all ages can have a blast on a trampoline. Beyond this, one can also do some cool tricks on a trampoline to impress friends, neighbors, or nearby audience. So, let me describe you a couple cool trampoline tricks today.

  • Seat Jumping (or Seat Drop)

Let’s start with something basic before we scale up to some difficult tricks. To execute a seat jump, you will have to land on your butt and then spring back to the standing position in the flow. Basically, you will land on your buttocks in a sitting position and jump back to your feet on the bounce on the exact spot without stopping. Then, you will push your arms forward to repeat the movement. Although it’s an easy-to-perform trick, some people may find it a little difficult at first. The trick is to put in some practice hours. With some practice, anyone should be able to do this trampoline trick like a pro.

  • Front Flip

Once you have spent some time on the trampoline, you should be ready to do a front flip. Over here, the key is to start with a good jump. Once you are in the air, you will have to tuck your legs in and start to flip forward. Once you are able to flip successfully, try to land on your feet. It’s a tad bit difficult to land perfectly on your first few attempts. Initially, you might fall or land on your buttocks. Therefore, be prepared to try more than a few times to achieve a successful front flip. For the sake of motivation, you can get a spotter as well.

  • Back Flip

Like front flip, you can attempt a back flip too. Basically, it’s the exact opposite of a front flip. To begin with, you will have to attempt a good jump and tuck your legs in the air once you are engaged in the jump. Then, instead of flipping forward, you will have to tilt your head back hoping to land on the feet on return. It’s highly recommended to try front flip before doing back flip. This will help you deal better with the inside fear because it’s more challenging to do a back flip versus a front flip.

Word of Caution

If you are new to a trampoline, get a good feel of it before you try to pull out these stunts. Unless you are highly-comfortable just jumping up and down, do not attempt any advanced tricks. It’s advisable to learn the art of jumping up and down with total control before you proceed with any of these cool tricks. Believe it or not, it will make all your future tricks so much easier. Also, it’s your personal responsibility to exercise caution while performing these tricks.

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  1. This is a kind of professional tricks, which every parent must learn while bouncing on a trampoline with kids. It definitely help them to stay fit free from any misshaping. I will definitely try to teach these tricks to my daughter because she has good interest in gymnastics also.

  2. You have mentioned cool tricks while playing with trampoline. I hope it will really be helpful for me to do jumping on trampoline.

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