Are Trampolines Safe?

Are Trampolines Safe?

Everyone likes to have fun, but not at the expense of an injury. From the injury standpoint, trampolines have a bad reputation. They are said to be the second most dangerous play tool for kids after monkey bars. Well, this information was not collected from some random drinking buddies in the middle of an ordinary day. There are few studies that back these claims. According to a recent survey conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine, trampoline accidents account for nearly a million trips to the ER. From cuts, bruises, fractures, and everything else in between, a trampoline may not be the safest play equipment out there. In a worst-case scenario, a trampoline-related injury can also result in the death of a person.

Small Kids and Trampolines Can be a Deadly Combination

As you can tell by now, trampolines and kids can be a risky combination too. According to reports, kids below the age of 14 are more prone to trampoline-related injuries than others. Since there are no official age guidelines for the use of trampolines in an outdoor environment, trampoline parks are open for kids below the age of five as well. So, due diligence is a must over here. If you are holding your favorite beer bottle and staring at some butts, your child could be at self-risk by playing on a trampoline without your active supervision. Therefore, you need to supervise your kids and intervene when necessary to avoid making panic calls to the ambulance crews.

Trampoline Do’s

As a relief, trampoline-related injuries have been declining since 2004. Fortunately, some of the modern-day trampolines come with a host of safety features such as soft edges, safety paddings, and enclosures to prevent/reduce the instances of injuries. As a parent, you must consider a trampoline with the highest safety features. Of course, this won’t prevent a mid-air head collision if more than one kid is playing on a trampoline at a time. Simply put, there is no absolute guarantee of safety even if you were to shave off top-dollars for a trampoline. At the end of the day, nothing can replace adult supervision. So, to weed out most of the dangers associated with trampolines, adult spotting is a necessary evil.

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